• Africa is the largest suppliers of Raw Cashew Nuts to the world.
  • Raw Cashew Nut grown in East and West African countries is exported in cargo containers to two main destination; Indian and Vietnam.
  • Raw Cashew nuts are packed inside jute bag (Gunny sacks) and exported in shipping containers with voyage time lasting between 40-50 days.
  • During this voyage time cargo containers are exposed to harsh weather conditions at sea; temperatures may range freezing cold to scorching hot.
  • Along with temperature cargo containers loaded with Raw Cashew Nut (RCN) travel from African continent are imperiled by highly humid surroundings.
  • Exposure to high humidity for long periods puts Raw Cashew Nut shipments in danger of being rejected due to increased levels of moisture in RCN.

  • Moisture content higher than 9% leads to various qualitative issue during processing. High moisture content in RCN is also responsible for;
    1. Increased drying time
    2. lower out turn ratios,
    3. damaged or broken kernels,
    4. Higher levels of aerobic bacteria, fungi growth leading to higher aflatoxin levels
    5. Rancidity and loss of natural colour of kernels
    6. Off Odour or smelly nuts
  • Therefore, export of RCN from African continent necessitates the use of appropriate desiccants that can control humidity level inside cargo containers during the voyage period.
  • Desiccants work by absorbing moisture from the air and reduce humidity inside cargo containers. Desiccants are a safe and prescribed way of protecting shipments world-wide. Desiccants are part of container dressing material designed in bag to dry Agro commodities shipment.


  • CARGO DESICCANT BAGS manufactured by VA PHARMA PACK are specially designed dry bags to keep the Raw Cashew Nuts shipments dry and shield them from the harmful damage of excess moisture.
  • Cargo Desiccant Bags are capable of attracting high amounts of water-vapour, reduce humidity and excess moisture from the air with a unique hardened gel based formulation, Cargo Desiccant Bags are able to permanently absorb over 250% of water-vapour or moisture during the voyage time.
  • This means that each 1 kg of desiccant can remove more than 2.5 Liters of water, moisture actively during the 40-60 day period.
  • This form of container desiccant has zero leakage chances as water vapour is converted into a drygel.
  • By permanently removing moisture from the air RCN a lower dew-point is reached inside the container, keeping shipment safe from condensation, container sweat, container rain and water droplets on jute bags can be avoided.


  • Cargo Desiccant Bags are non-toxic, non-hazardous, solution for moisture and humidity control.
  • A special hanger is provided that allows easy installation on the wall of container and can be laid directly on top of the jute bags.
  • Cargo Desiccant Bags can be fastened to the ceiling or wall with easy peel stickers and can be tied to the lashing ring at the top of the container wall.
  • They are manufactured with recyclable and biodegradable material that promotes sustainability and are safe for the environment.
  • Cargo Desiccant Bags offer simple, easy and affordable solutions to exporters of Raw Cashew nuts to have the peace of mind that their precious cargo reaches their buyers safely.

  • For 20 feet containers with average payload of 18 MT of RCN, 6-8 Cargo Desiccant bags 1 kg or (8-10 bags of Cargo Desiccant Bag 2 kg) provides adequate amount of protection.
  • For 40 feet container with average shipment of 26 MT or RCN, 10-12 bags of Cargo Desiccant Bags 1 kg or (14-16 bags of Cargo Desiccant Bag 2 kg) should be used.
  • In cases, where the RCN crop has higher level of moisture due to reduce drying time, or longer shipping periods, number of dry bags can be increased.
  • VA PHARMA PACK manufactures Cargo Desiccant Bags for export to East & West African countries. Please contact us to get in touch with our dedicated team of Distributors in African continent.

Cargo Desiccant Bags 1 kg Cargo Desiccant Bag 2 kg
VDry Bag Nitro
VDry Bag One
20 feet container 6 TO 8 8 TO 10
40 feet container 10 TO 12 14 TO 16